About Grey GIS

What is the Grey County GIS SIte?

The Grey County GIS Site is an online mapping application that combines digital maps with land related information for all of Grey County. Some of the information available online includes: 

  Property information

  Environmental Features (wetlands, woodlands, County Forests, etc.

  Tourist Information

  Planning related information (Official Plan information, Zoning, etc.)

  Transportation information (roads, road maintenance, etc.) 


The County of Grey initiated the Grey County GIS project in September 2003.The County applied for GeoSmart funding in June 2003 and we were successful in obtaining funds from the Provincial Government to help assist with the creation of the Grey County GIS Site.Other partnering agencies involved with the GeoSmart project include: ESRI Canada, Running Tide, Dell Canada , and Conestoga Rovers & Associates.These partnering agencies provided in-kind contributions towards the GeoSmart project which is a GeoSmart funding requirement.


Over the years, the County has been creating and collecting various GIS datasets either internally or through data sharing arrangements.The various datasets available on the County GIS Site come from a variety of different sources.These include: Ontario Parcel, Land Information Ontario (OGDE), Ontario Road Networks, County of Grey, as well as municipal partners.